Make Favorite

Selecting Make Favorite will the current conversion to replace the conversion on the top Favorites button.  All previous conversions on Favorite buttons will move down one button, removing the last Favorite.


Selecting Help links to the Internet if available and displays a help page.


If ZwypConvert - Paid Edition is running, selecting Settings will open the Settings page to allow you to change the number of decimal places, and how results are displayed.  Selecting Settings in the free version of ZwypConvert will take you to a page to allow to purchase ZwypConvert - Paid Edition.

The Conversion Table

See the value you converted as well as nearby values.  Scroll either list up or down to see even more values.

Favorite Conversions

Choose a Conversion Type

Scroll right or left and tap on the icon for the type of conversion you would like to perform. 

Choose another Unit

Tap to see a list of units to convert to or from

Enter a Number

Tap to display a numeric keyboard.  Enter a number of units to convert.

Choose a Unit

Tap to see a list of units to convert to or from

Swipe Left or Right

Swipe left to right to convert the entered number of units of the left type to the right type units.  Swipe right to left to convert in the opposite direction.

The Conversion Result

The result of the conversion appears here and the second screen (below) is displayed.