Created with the International Traveler in mind, ZwypConvert Traveler provides the popular conversions of ZwypConvert. In addition, ZwypConvert Traveler includes currency and time-of-day conversions.  Not only can you convert grams to ounces or kilometers to miles, you can also get the value in Chinese yuan of a price in Thai baht or any number of currency conversions.  The currency tables are downloaded when you have internet connection but are available when you are away from the internet in a more remote site.  In addition ZwypConvert Traveler will convert any specified time-of-day to the same time at a different locale you choose. You can be sure when to call home and not wake up the cat.

In addition to specifying the precision you expect for conversions, ZwypConvert Traveler allows you to specify how often you wish to have your currency conversion tables updated.

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