Quick Conversions

Select the type of conversion desired, the units to convert from and to and enter the amount.  Swipe and get the result.

Value Ranges

The result page not only shows you the actual conversion but shows nearby values as well for further understanding and comparison.

Change the conversion

If you want to convert back, just swipe in the opposite direction and the 'from' and 'to' units are reversed.

Save your favorite conversions
ZwypConvert also allows you to save any of your previous conversions as favorites. How many times have you converted one value, and then forgotten what the conversion was, or perhaps the conversion before. With Favorites, you will be able to quickly get back to see what exactly that conversion result you use so much.

ZwypConvert provides conversions within several convenient designations.

  • Distance - convert distances from feet/meters to miles/kilometers and other units.
  • Length - convert shorter measurements such as millimeters and inches up to yards and meters.
  • Temperature - convert Celcius to Fahrenheit including Kelvin and Rankine.
  • Weight - convert typical quantity measurements from grams to ounces up to pounds and kilograms
  • Load - convert heavier measurement from pounds and kilograms to tons and tonnes.
  • Volume - convert ounces (this time liquid) to milliliters up to gallons and liters.
  • Surface - convert common spaces from square centimeters to square meters
  • Space - convert larger areas such as acres and hectares.

ZwypConvert is a multi-purpose conversion tool that allows you to select what type of conversion you want, what units you want to convert from and to, and the value you want to convert.  Then with a swipe (from one type of units to the other) the converted value is returned along with nearby values for your information.  You can even establish up to four favorite conversions that take place by tapping a button so all you need do is enter the amount and swipe.