Kevin Owens


Kevin brings his many years of financial experience in the beverage industry to Noetic-29.  His financial knowledge along with a penchant for detail makes him a valuable resource for all the management concerns of a small business. 

Edward Owens


Brought back from retirement, Ed just enjoys coding and learning new things.  His wife would much rather see him doing this than playing PC and video games and he finds it just as much fun.  Having programmed in most common languages available for PCs (as well as IBM 7094's and 360s) he enjoys learning java for android and C# for the Microsoft Windows Phone platform.

Kenon Owens


Currently living in Singapore, Kenon Owens is the inventive genius behind ZwypConvert.  He and his family experienced what every US citizen does when moving to another country, the need to become acquainted with the metric system and how it relates to the US system of measurements.  After trying all the one-at-a-time conversion routines, Kenon decided there had to be a better way and came up with ZwypConvert.  In conjunction with the CTO he designed the user interface and developed the ideas behind ZwypConvert.